We are pleased to announce the general availability of Engagement Management 15.3 FP7. This release delivers key improvements which impact security, configuration, behavior and general usage. Highlights below:

  • New Interaction Notification API
    • Ability to pop a perspective in EM based on an external event via an API call
    • Expands Telephony Integration options
  • Context Updater API enhancements improve integration options between EM and third parties and allows more flexible Desktop Rules to be built
  • Embedded Softphone - Note this is a controlled release feature. Please contact em-pm-arch@verint.com for further details
    • Ability to embed Browser-based Softphone into EM Desktop
  • Email Work Item Preview
    • Entitlement controls Agent access to preview emails from the Work List
  • Organization Scoping:
    • Agent’s org unit is now recorded in the reporting schema
    • Allows third party reporting tools to honor report viewer’s Org Scope and which Agents they can and cannot see
  • Run External URL Enhancements
    • Headers can now be passed into the URL
    • Harmonised Web Integration URL configuration between Smart Match Rules, Desktop Rules, Scripting Embedded Site and Adaptive Framework components
  • New Login Service which allows the CRE to make token security based REST API calls
  • Knowledge Management Enterprise enhancements:
    • Cross Tags allows Tagsets to be shared across multiple lines of businesses
    • Tag Propagation means that Tag changes on parent are now automatically applied to child translations
    • Content Translation process allows an author to generate/create child translations of KM content
    • Extended field level entitlement allows a user to search across a wider range of fields
    • Authors can choose when to send content to review using the Next Review Date which controls when Review Suggested Work Items are created 

For more information on this release refer to the Engagement Management 15.3 FP7 Release Pack 

 To obtain the 15.3 FP7 software please raise a fulfilment helpdesk ticket.

Please contact em-pm-arch@verint.com with comments/feedback.