We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of Engagement Management 15.3 FP8. This release delivers key improvements which impact security, configuration, behavior and general usage. Highlights below:

  • Agent Desktop Embedded Mode allows EM perspectives to be embedded in third party applications
  • Smarter Email Threading algorithm to display more related Emails on Work Delivery screen
  • Improved Email Search options:
    • text search allows the user to search the email Subject, Body, or Subject and Body content
    • email address search now includes all From, To, CC, and BCC (outbound) recipients
    • partial email address searching
    • ability to search for emails with attachments
  • New Desktop Rule “Send Message” Action allows initial Live Chat customer greeting message to be based on Queued Work Type queue or any Desktop Rule When condition
  • Case Service API enhancements:
    • support for Tagset selection and Customer Association
    • new Get Case Details API
    • new Get Case List API
  • ‘Save For Later’ feature enhanced to include rescheduling functionality.
  • Knowledge Management REST API for Content Authoring
  • Knowledge Management Enterprise enhancements:
    • new ‘Suggested Knowledge’ Tab displays Knowledge Articles that are triggered by Desktop Rules.
    • rich Text editor improvements including an Accessibility Checker, Advanced Code Editor and ability to add nested, expandable text sections
    • collapsible Search Panes provide a user friendly reading experience
    • search for Knowledge Content using Agent’s Content Locale
    • updates to Knowledge Management REST APIs to support custom tagsets, fields, content types, locales and entitlements
  • Support has been added for Genesys 8.5 via Web Service API
  • Support has been added for SQL Server 2019
  • Support has been added for Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS) OAuth 2.0 authentication
  • Messaging Channel
    • supports real time direct messaging between EM and Social Messaging applications such as Twitter direct messages, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp
    • supports quick park and resume of Work Item without full wrap-up
    • the Messaging Channel is not ready for production use and should only be used for testing. Please contact em-pm-arch@verint.com for further details

For more information on this release refer to the Engagement Management 15.3 FP8 Release Pack 

To obtain the 15.3 FP8 software please raise a fulfilment helpdesk ticket.

Please contact em-pm-arch@verint.com with comments/feedback