We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of Engagement Management 15.3 Update 2020R2.

In line with other Verint CES products, the release terminology has changed from using Feature Pack to use Update, and the version number now contains the year and the number of the release within that year. The terminology used for HFR releases has not changed.

This release delivers key improvements which impact security, configuration, behaviour and general usage. Highlights below:

  • Routing Rules:
    • Routing emails based on the detected language now includes Chinese (Traditional) and Chinese (Simplified).
    • Send automatic email acknowledgements based on customer locale.
  • Handling Emails: Ability to open all associated Email Work Items for a specific email thread.
  • Handling Emails: Inline images in email replies. (Available in upcoming HFR)
  • Email Search: Search for emails sent within specific time range.
  • Ability to control API access using Entitlements.
  • New Agent Service API to create an Agent and read Agent details.
  • New Agent Synchronization Service API to auto-creating users based on fields passed from a SSO provider. (Available in upcoming HFR)
  • Live Chat API improvements.
  • Active Wrapup Time recorded and reported against.
    • The Channel Performance by Contact and Team and Agent Performance Reports now include an Average Active Wrapup Time column.
  • Ability to update context for Embedded Perspectives
  • Knowledge Reporting - The Knowledge Domain has been enhanced to include reporting data on the following areas:
    • User journey and content search
    • Must read
    • Content inventory – including archived and expired
    • Content workflow  - draft to pre-publish
    • Unused published content
    • Content bookmarks
    • Content reuse
    • Content usage
    • Content uploads
    • Content access control
    • Content notes
    • Content feedback
    • Content Translations
    • KM User activity
    • Knowledge gap – zero results
    • Broken links in content
  • Knowledge Management - Ability to filter for Request Answer Work Items in the Authoring Work List.
  • Knowledge Management REST APIs -  Knowledge Search Service API now includes the ability to ability to specify additional parameters to capture for Reporting such as location of search and searchID.
  • Messaging Channel:
    • Improved Park and Resume functionality.
    • Ability to reassign Messaging Interactions.
    • Messaging Work appears in the Work List.
    • Auto-identify customers for new Interactions within the same Messaging Conversation.
    • Desktop and Routing Rules can be used with Messaging.
    • The Messaging Channel will be ready for production use in an upcoming HFR.
  • Authentication Service Component has been removed.
  • Wrapup: The Interaction Details section will be removed from the Wrapup Screen. (Available in upcoming HFR)
  • Support removed for:
    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Oracle 11, Oracle 12

For more information on this release, refer to the Engagement Management 15.3 2020R2 Release Pack 

To obtain the EM 15.3 2020R2 software, please raise a fulfilment helpdesk ticket.

If you want to be notified of HFR releases for this or other EM versions, please turn on notifications for the EM Release News feed on Verint Community.

Please contact em-pm-arch@verint.com with any comments or feedback you may have.