We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of Engagement Management 15.3 Update 2020R3.

This release delivers key improvements which impact security, configuration, behaviour and general usage. Highlights below:


  • Ability to configure Agent logging levels through the Manage Agents screen
  • Messaging:
    • New Desktop Rule attributes added for use with the Messaging Channel
    • New Entitlements added
  • Smart Match Rules:
    • Assign to Queue and Select Queued Work Type Rules Actions have been updated to be composite Actions.
    • Is Set and Is Not Set Rules Operators have been added.
  • Data Retention:
    • The Batch Process, Case Action, and API Operation which can be used to delete customer data, now also delete Attachments and Messaging Conversations associated with the customer.
    • The Batch Process which can be used to delete Contact data, now deletes Attachments and Messaging Interactions associated with the Contact
  • Tenant Properties Service:
    • EM now includes a central store for tenant-specific properties. A Tenant Properties Service component has been added which allows these properties to be configured using an API.
  • Data Redaction:
    •  Inbound emails and messages now pass through a data redaction layer which redacts sensitive information, based on patterns defined by regular expressions.
  • Service Accounts:
    • Service Accounts have been added to allow Email functionality and the Conversation Service to access the Tenant Properties Service where the Data Redaction patterns are stored.
  • Chat Attachments:
    • New Entitlements have been added to enable Agents to upload, download, and delete Chat Attachments.
    • Chat Attachment configuration can now be managed using the Tenant Properties Service API
  • Configure Application Logo and Title:
    • The application logo and application title can be updated by setting the relevant properties using the Tenant Properties Service API.
  • Configure TinyMCE Fonts:
    • Functionality has been added which allows you to define the list of fonts available and the default selected font used in the TinyMCE rich text editor by setting properties through the Tenant Properties Service API.
  • Configure Single Sign On with SAML 2.0:
    • EM now contains a built-in SAML2 User Authenticator. This provides the ability to configure Single Sign On (SSO) Authentication with SAML 2.0, without having to implement a custom User Authenticator.
  • Knowledge Management:
    • YouTube Connector Content Source Type - Knowledge Administrators can set up Content Sources to crawl YouTube videos, playlists, and channels.
    • Ability to upload and manage configuration files for use with Content Source pipeline plug-ins and the YouTube Content Source.
    • Enhanced behaviour of the TagByDomainOrPath pipeline plug-in.
    • Shareable Content Links - Knowledge users can copy a link to a authored Knowledge Content Item and share the link with other users. Opening the link opens the content in a new session.
    • KM Profile Types - the following Profile Types have been added:
      • KM Author Profile
      • KM Reviewer Profile
      • KM Publisher Profile
  • Support removed for:
    • JTA Database Transactions
    • XA Database Transactions
  • Support added for Cisco Finesse 12


For more information on this release, refer to the Engagement Management 15.3 2020R3 Release Pack.

To obtain the EM 15.3 2020R3 software, please raise a fulfilment helpdesk ticket.

If you want to be notified of HFR releases for this or other EM versions, please turn on notifications for the EM Release News feed on Verint Community.


Please contact em-pm-arch@verint.com with any comments/feedback you may have.