We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of Engagement Management 15.3 Update 2021R1.

This release delivers key improvements which impact security, configuration, behaviour and general usage. Highlights below:

  • Agent Desktop
    • Reason Codes - The only Reason Codes now provided by default are Available and Not Available.
    • Save for Later - The application can now be configured so that Agents can save Work Items to themselves only, when using the Save For Later functionality.
  • Single Sign On and User Sync
    • Agents can now be automatically created and synced when using Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Channels
    • A new Unified Data Gateway API has been added which allows the retrieval of Contact data for Live Chat and Email Interactions.
  • Case
    • Call API Case and SLA Actions can now be added to Case Types.
    • The Edit Case screen now displays the system name of the Case Type used by the Case Service API. 
    • New Entitlements are required to upload and download attachments for Cases.
    • Case Service API:
      • Files uploaded using the Attachment Service API can now be associated to Cases in Engagement Management using the Case Service API.
      • Cases can now be closed using the Case Service API.
  • Knowledge Management:
    • Save for Later - Configuration no longer required for Knowledge Authoring users, Work Items are automatically routed to the user and Knowledge Content Manager Entitlement
    • Knowledge Management Templates - Templates have been added for the emails generated by Share by Email and Content Feedback Notifications.
    • Export to PDF - Authored Knowledge Content can now be exported and saved as a PDF.
    • Knowledge Authoring Work List:
      • Content Filters have been added to the Knowledge Authoring Work List, allowing users to filter Work Items based on the associated Content. These filters can be configured using the Tenant Properties Service.
      • Knowledge Publishers can now select multiple Work Items and bulk publish the associated Content Items.
    • Knowledge Uploads - EPUB files can now be uploaded as Knowledge Uploads.
    • Knowledge Content Metadata - When authoring content, Knowledge Authors can now specify the Work Item Priority and Due Date fields. These fields apply to Work Items generated by the Content as it moves through Workflow.
    • Supported Languages - Hindi, Farsi, Kazakh, and Tagalog have been added as supported languages for Knowledge Management.
    • Create Decision Trees - Knowledge Publishers are now able to create new Decision Trees using a cut down version of the Manage Scripting screens.
  • Third Party Software Support
    • Support added for Cisco Finesse 12.5
    • The version of Solr used in Engagement Management is now 8.6.2
    • The version of Jasper used in Engagement Management is now 7.2.1
    • The minimum supported version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is now 7 and upwards. RHEL 6.1 is no longer supported.

For more information on this release, refer to the Engagement Management 15.3 2021R1 Release Pack.

To obtain the EM 15.3 2021R1 software, please raise a fulfilment helpdesk ticket.

If you want to be notified of HFR releases for this or other EM versions, please turn on notifications for the EM Release News feed on Verint Community.

Please contact em-pm-arch@verint.com with any comments/feedback you may have.